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Roland & Danita

I will shamefully admit that I was dead set on hiring a DJ. My wife insisted that we hire a band. “To expensive!” I said. Then I realized she had an ulterior motive since she’s a singer and wanted to sing at our wedding. How could I say no to that. We shopped around and listened to probably fifty bands on their web sites. None sounded good. They were all too specific in the genre they sang. We wanted a good ‘ole wedding band that could play songs that a 16 or 60 year old would like. Enter The Gerry Rothschild Band! Out of all the band leaders we spoke to, Gerry was the first person who insisted we actually meet face to face and discuss what we are looking for. We sat for over an hour and knew this was it. We found our wedding band! Not only did we express what we wanted, but Gerry explained how the timing could work. He suggested when it might be best to do our “special moments”. Entrance song, first dance, the hora, speeches and so on. Not to mention when my now wife could sing. He was dead on the money. The wedding flowed seamlessly. The songs were diverse. Everything from Frank Sinatra to The Bee Gees to Taylor Swift. He even learned an obscure song that I sang to my wife (That’s right, I’m a singer too.) He met with me privately to rehearse it. He also had a complete band set up to play cocktail hour in a different location from the reception. He accompanied the cantor as she preformed the ceremony. Once again, learning a song that she sang. Our guests still comment on what a wonderful time they had at our wedding and how much they loved the band. I now realize that my wife was right. (Boy she loves hearing that.) There’s nothing that compares with a live band playing on the night of your most special evening. This is that band to do just that.

— Roland & Danita

Claire & Markus

Where do I even begin? Gerry was absolutely, blooming amazing from start to finish! He worked with us throughout the planning stages, taking on board the music we like and even learning songs for us. He worked especially closely with us to come up with a shorter, edited version of our song, Monuments and Melodies by Incubus, for our first dance and it was beyond perfect! They made our wedding EVERYTHING we had dreamed it would be and I cannot thank them enough. Since the big day guests have been telling me how much fun they had at the wedding and the one thing that is consistently mentioned by everyone is the band. Gerry and his band bridged the generation gap and had everyone from my 18 month old goddaughter to our 84 year old grandma dancing the night away! They played everything from background jazz music for the cocktail hour to rat pack classics, 80s pop and modern popular music. So stop looking right now because you have found the BEST band for your big day!! You will not regret trusting Gerry and his hugely talented team of musicians to entertain you and your guests on your dream day. What are you waiting for? Call him right now! I'm not kidding, the best decision you will make is to hire this band. Thank you Gerry!!!!! You're playing our anniversary parties in the future right?

— Claire & Markus

Erica & Jacob

Gerry and his band were amazing! He was a consummate professional, always going the extra mile. We definitely felt like Gerry was a core member of “our team” rather than someone we hired to provide a single service. Gerry’s personal touch really impressed us. While many bands wanted to book over the phone, Gerry happily met us in person to discuss the event. Gerry gave us almost two hours of his time. After we booked him, Gerry came and toured the venue (even though it was a very long drive) just so he could make sure everything would run smoothly on the day. He learned 5 new songs for us and they were perfect! Having live music for our first dance was so much better than playing an mp3. We chose a long song for our first dance and Gerry cut it down for us. He then sent us an mp3 of the cut song so we could practice. You could tell that he’s an award-winning music producer; the cut was flawless! The groom also sang a song with the band; Gerry recorded an mp3 so the groom could practice before the big night. These details show not only how professional Gerry is, but also how supportive he is throughout the process. He helped us schedule the dance sets to keep the energy high and our guests on the dance floor. His experience was a huge asset, but his suggestions were never pushy. He always let us lead, but was there with help if we needed it. Working with Gerry was wonderful from start to finish. The band was pitch perfect across a range of styles, from jazz standards to current hits. We got so many compliments about the band! Friends and family across the generations loved the music. We’ll have to plan another event soon so we can hire them again! Working with Gerry was one of the highlights of our wedding planning. If you are looking for a dedicated professional who is genuinely interested in his couples, look no further. Gerry is all of that and more — he has a wry manner that makes every interaction a treat. We recommend his band with the greatest enthusiasm!

— Erica and Jacob

Lindsay & Mike

It's been 3 months since our wedding, and our friends and family are still raving about our wedding band. Gerry Rothschild Band definitely helped make our wedding the best wedding it could have been. We would hire them again in a heartbeat and have recommended them to some friends that are getting married next year. We would recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional band that will bring your party to life! 

— Lindsay and Mike

Kristin & Clay

The Gerry Rothschild Band ROCKS!!! Gerry and his band had played at two of my cousins' weddings, and each time was awesome - they really know how to get the party going. When we were planning our wedding reception, we knew right away that we wanted Gerry to play.

From the very beginning of planning the party, Gerry was so professional - but also so fun! He was always very helpful and responsive, and he had great ideas for us. His band will even learn a few new songs for you; we chose two songs from a pretty random band, and Gerry nailed them!

He also acted as the MC at the reception. He is a true performer and really knows how to interact with the crowd. We talked at length about the timeline of events and what exactly we wanted him to say and do, and he did exactly that.

We cannot recommend the Gerry Rothschild Band highly enough. Contact Gerry for your event — you'll be so glad you did!!!

— Kristin and Clay

Shalani & Jonathan

Greatest Jazz band I've heard, by far! Gerry and his band are really talented musicians and know their music well. I was surprised at the variety of music they know how to play. Ranging from pop music to the heart of jazz. They were even willing to play some Latin music.

Not only are they talented, but they're accommodating as well. My husband chose a song for the mother/son dance that was not on their playlist. Rather than just playing it from MP3, they took on the challenge to learn the song in a short amount of time so that they can play it live at our wedding.

This band truly went above and beyond their duty for us. From working with our budget with what we could afford, to learning new songs for the mother/son dance, and keeping organized & in touch with the venue.

Towards the end of our wedding, everyone kept asking for their contact info. Without a doubt, they truly made our wedding unforgettable and special.

Also, Gerry is honestly a great individual. I only met him when we were looking for a band to perform at our wedding. And I can say, he is one of the few human beings that are genuine, honest, and great in their craft. 

— Shalani and Jonathaney S

Darren & Bridget

If there is one thing you can do to make your wedding memorable, this would be it. My wife and I got married just over two months ago now, and still receive compliments about the band. A group of our friends, who we actually saw Mumford & Sons live with, said they prefered hearing Gerry play their, I'm not going to pretend that some booze didn't influence that decision, but nonetheless, it was a tremendous compliment and if I could say myself, Gerry nailed Marcus Mumford, along with every other song and genre of music.Gerry was a breeze to deal with. We first met over lunch and he really took the time to listen to what we wanted, how we envisioned our wedding, and really probed as to what type of music my wife and I were into. Over the course of the next few months, Gerry would contact us via phone or email, and say, "what do you guys think about this....or this....or we could do something like this, etc." His approach is casual, easy going, and extremely professional and knowledgeable. We had Gerry play our cocktail hour and reception and although I can't speak highly enough on what a great job he and the band did, I will say that my favorite and most memorable part were the two songs that he learned specifically for the wedding. Our first dance to "Sweet Pea" by Amos Lee.....better than I could've ever imagined. For my wife's father/daughter dance, Gerry played "Irish Eyes"....started slow and traditional and then morphed it into a faster paced jig. It was awesome, and something we, and everyone in attendance, will never forget. So a huge THANK YOU to Gerry and the band for doing such a remarkable job. 

— Darren and Bridget

Erin & Casey

When we think back to our wedding and having the Gerry Rothschild Band play, we can't help but reminisce about how much fun it was. For our wedding, my husband really wanted live music and I really wanted music we could dance to. His priority: live music. My priority: dancing. We knew it would be challenging to find a band that perfectly fit these two hopes, so we contacted over 15 bands, narrowed our search to about 3, and then went and heard the top finalists play. After that, the choice was easy: the Gerry Rothschild Band had the best musicians (extremely talented individuals whose professions are as musicians), best musical selection (we love oldies and rock n roll with a bit of today's tunes thrown in), and best vibe. Gerry is such a cool guy, genuine and down-to-earth, and at the same time very professional. After booking the band, Gerry worked with us to narrow down more precisely what we were interested in hearing, was awesome about making sure songs we really wanted were included, and was totally chill about filling in the blanks when we were so overwhelmed by the wedding planning process and didn't want to make any more decisions! When the day came, we were blown away by the whole evening: the Gerry Rothschild Band rocked it, played their hearts out, had our guests dancing the whole time, and, quite simply, made our night! I am especially grateful that Gerry welcomed my mom to sing with the band - they had practiced with her beforehand, and the night of, brought her up to surprise our friends and family and sing "Orange Colored Sky." It was awesome!!! My mom was incredibly happy she could add something special to our celebration and everyone who heard her sing is still raving about it today! So thank you, Gerry and the band: you made our night amazing! And to everyone reading this: we highly highly highly recommend the Gerry Rothschild Band for any event where you want great music and dancing!

— Erin & Casey

Fire Family Foundation

Jazzy, smooth, entertaining, and great to work with—Gerry recently performed at The Fire Boot Classic at Santa Anita. His music was the perfect blend for a diverse crowd, very smooth, and he was a gem to work with. I was entertained for hours. Of course I'll be hiring him again!

— Robin McCarthy, Executive Director @ Fire Family Foundation

Shauna & Jeremy

This band really MADE our wedding! Throughout the planning process, Gerry helped tailor the event to fit our style. From the size of the band, style of music, and even being open to learning new songs, Gerry helped make our night more of a reflection of us as a couple. Once he understood what we were looking for, Gerry made sure to check in during the planning process with an idea he had or a song he thought we should consider. Because of all Gerry's hard work the band felt like an extension of ourselves, with their focus always on adding fun and energy. Gerry and his band somehow found the perfect blend of "chill" and "get on up!". Our first dance was a song they had never performed before and it was absolutely magical. Since our wedding, one of the biggest compliments we have had from guests was about the band. Book these guys and don’t look back! 

— Shauna and Jeremy

Kurt & Chandler

We loved this band SO much! They did the music for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Gerry was so amazing to work with and met with us twice before our wedding to make sure we had all our questions answered. They had a wide variety of music and learned a few songs for the big day. Our ceremony and cocktail hour music helped set the tone for the rest of the night. At the reception Gerry was our MC and was perfect to help keep the event on track and make sure the right music was being played depending on what was going on at the event. WE LOVED THE MUSIC SELECTIONS and the Gerry Rothschild Band made our wedding the best day of our lives! Amazing music and great band members!

— Kurt and Chandler Bondan

Caitlyn & Jim

We hired the Gerry Rothschild band to play at our wedding and they were fantastic! Besides being amazing performers, Gerry and his band are very professional and easy to work with. Gerry was very cognizant of making sure we had all of our bases covered leading up to the wedding, and helped us select a music list that had the crowd (of all ages) up and dancing the entire evening. Gerry even went so far as to learn songs that were meaningful to my family to make sure the night was as perfect as possible. I would highly recommend the Gerry Rothschild Band to anyone planning a wedding or special event—they will make it a night to remember! 

— Caitlyn and Jim

Dana & Ken

As a bride it is difficult to remember every little detail of the wedding day, but I specifically remember walking into my cocktail hour with the sun setting and Gerry's band playing awesome live jazz music, and all I could think was, wow, this is magical! It really took the whole evening to another level.  they then seamlessly transitioned inside to play dinner and dancing music.  Gerry is super easy going and an absolute pleasure to work with. He learned 3 new songs for our wedding, which was another plus! We asked for an obscure Pearl Jam song for our first dance, which he performed beautifully, and he also worked with my sister on a Sting song she performed as part of hear maid of honor speech. There are lots of things that you have to pick out for your wedding, but what really sets the mood for the reception is ultimately the music and Gerry's band did an incredible job! I'm so glad my Dad put his foot down and said no DJ!!

— Dana and Ken

Mothers’ Club Family Learning Center

You guys were fabulous - the guests all raved. I personally appreciated your communication with me throughout the event, ensuring that everything was going smoothly. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope we will get to do so again in the future.

— Sarah Orth, Development Director of Mothers’ Club Family Learning Center

The Boeing Corp.

They did an awesome job!!! I got positive feedback from lots of folks. This is the first time that I ever used a live band for dinner... And then Gerry did such a great job I would like to be able to make it standard.

Thanks again for everything!!

— Elizabeth Haseltine, The Boeing Corp.