The Gerry Rothschild band

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Roland & Danita

I will shamefully admit that I was dead set on hiring a DJ. My wife insisted that we hire a band. “To expensive!” I said. Then I realized she had an ulterior motive since she’s a singer and wanted to sing at our wedding. How could I say no to that. We shopped around and listened to probably fifty bands on their web sites. None sounded good. They were all too specific in the genre they sang. We wanted a good ‘ole wedding band that could play songs that a 16 or 60 year old would like. Enter The Gerry Rothschild Band! Out of all the band leaders we spoke to, Gerry was the first person who insisted we actually meet face to face and discuss what we are looking for. We sat for over an hour and knew this was it. We found our wedding band! Not only did we express what we wanted, but Gerry explained how the timing could work. He suggested when it might be best to do our “special moments”. Entrance song, first dance, the hora, speeches and so on. Not to mention when my now wife could sing. He was dead on the money. The wedding flowed seamlessly. The songs were diverse. Everything from Frank Sinatra to The Bee Gees to Taylor Swift. He even learned an obscure song that I sang to my wife (That’s right, I’m a singer too.) He met with me privately to rehearse it. He also had a complete band set up to play cocktail hour in a different location from the reception. He accompanied the cantor as she preformed the ceremony. Once again, learning a song that she sang. Our guests still comment on what a wonderful time they had at our wedding and how much they loved the band. I now realize that my wife was right. (Boy she loves hearing that.) There’s nothing that compares with a live band playing on the night of your most special evening. This is that band to do just that.

— Roland & Danita