The Gerry Rothschild band

(626) 429-4784

Jenica & Kevin

Hiring Gerry and his band was one of the best decisions we made in our wedding planning process - take a listen and call him now, you won't be disappointed.

Searching for wedding bands is really the worst, and I felt after weeks of looking I'd just found the same grating sounds, without much sense of what would really work live. Fortunately a friend who has worked with Gerry for family weddings for years told us to check him out, and we are glad we did! His videos do a good job demonstrating their sound and the breadth of their repetoire, but they can only do so much; trust me when I say that the live band really pulls it off - they sound great.

Gerry was also awesome to plan with; we were doing a lot of the planning remotely (from Japan), and he worked across time zones to set up Skype calls and coordinate all the details of announcements, music selections, equipment, etc. From our first Skype call he made us feel so at ease that it was an easy choice. And when we had ideas for different songs we did or did NOT like, he was receptive and helpful.

We had Gerry with a six-man group total; they did cocktail hour with some jazz / acoustic numbers, which was quite laid back and sounded really good, and then played a variety of music through dinner and into dancing to follow. They definitely kept the energy flowing throughout the night, and once the dance floor got going they kept people out there! A lot of good nostaltic hits (for our 20s / 30s crowd) and wedding dance-able classics.

If I could do it again (and I wish I could!) I'd work with Gerry all over again - there's nothing like a live band at a wedding, and their energy and talent will not disappoint!