The Gerry Rothschild band

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Gil & Katie

I HIGHLY recommend Gerry + his band. They were, honestly, a perfect wedding band from start to finish. 

1. At the actual wedding. They were  a super fun band at the wedding -- the dance floor was packed for almost the entire night with people of all generations. I was the bride, and my new husband and I basically danced the entire night, and honestly, it never felt like there was a down moment or a moment when I wanted to get off the dance floor. That feels pretty unusual to me — usually there are at least a couple of songs when the dance floor just empties, but Gerry did a great job of reading the room and picking songs that everyone would love.

It’s also worth mentioning that while everyone was eating, Gerry did a great job of DJing quieter, most jazzy music (which was what we wanted), so everyone could talk. 

2. Planning. Gerry was a complete professional. My mom was the lead planner on the wedding, and she tends to…let’s just say she needs a professional that pays a LOT of attention to detail. Gerry did an incredible job. 

He had several different meetings with us — he came to our house to talk about music selection with me, my husband, and my parents, he also came to a meeting at the venue so he would be ready on the day-of. He also sent us recordings of songs for our first dance, the father-daughter dance, and the mother-son dance, so everyone could prepare in advance. Plus, my husband wanted to sing a song at the wedding, so he had a practice session with Gerry in advance. Also, Gerry’s band learned several new songs. ALL of this was included with their standard pricing!!

And, on top of that, he kept saying that if we needed more meetings or support, he was happy to meet with us as much as we needed. I really think that a huge part of choosing a vendor should be picking someone who (1) really delivers on the day-of, and (2) makes the planning process as low-stress as possible. And Gerry did that 100%.

3. Price. I also want to say, because this matters a lot when you’re planning a wedding: given what an extremely high quality product Gerry delivers, his prices were extremely reasonable. A band can be a huge single cost in a wedding, but his price was one of the most reasonable of any of the bands we researched. 

My brother, who had a much, much more expensive band at his wedding — booked through one of those booking companies that adds a huge mark-up — if you're planning a wedding you probably know what I'm talking about :) — told me several times how fantastic Gerry’s band was. 

Anyway, Gerry’s band was such a solid, incredibly fun band. All my friends and family told me how great they were, and we recommend them highly!